A moment with Life’s Ocean!

We left Cape Town on Friday and have had the most gorgeous consistent breeze since! The wind has been on average 20 – 25 kts right behind us and it’s allowed us to sail poled out and make great progress.

The South Atlantic is renowned for having very predictable and constant trades due to the large High Pressure that sits in the middle of it! Well, it’s certainly living up to that!

We are all excited about visiting the island of St Helena. As St Helena has no airport the only way in is by sea! Napoleon found this out when he was exiled there after he was defeated & captured.

As I write I can hear the everlasting sound of the ocean being carved out by LUSH’S bow and the miles are slipping under the keel as we sail up the planet!

It’s at times like these when you have a moment with the ocean that I always feel so grateful to be skippering such an amazing yacht and working with a fantastic team and all whilst undergoing a journey of a life time!!

In life I am committed to growth, learning, higher standards and ultimately becoming more every single day!

You see its not what you have that determines the quality of your life…it’s who you become!

When you focus on:

Becoming more,

Being the best you can be,

Pushing yourself past what you think you can do

You realise that life is such a precious gift that we all owe it to ourselves to really LIVE no matter what life throws at us!

This journey has no doubt changed our lives forever in a way that has removed the status quo and given us more passion, more enthusiasm and more belief to dream big and make our dreams a reality.

The message is simple….You can too!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever your with!

One Life…. Commit right now to LIVING IT!!!

Paul  xxx

P.S. To all at St Helena Distillery! The world’s most remote distillery…..thanks for emailing! We are coming in and looking forward to tasting the Tungi!! :0)



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