Back in the Northern Hemisphere!

(By Audrey Adamson)

On the first of March 2013 we crossed the equator in the Pacific Ocean and entered into the wonderful Southern Hemisphere. Now, less than a year later we have returned to our home waters in the Northern Hemisphere. And as ye might have guessed we celebrated in style as always. Four of us had already crossed the equator making us ‘shellbacks’ as I explained last year. However two of our crew were crossing the equator at sea for the first time and so had to earn their rite of passage as we had all done previously. These two crew, or ‘pollywogs’ were my Dad, Joe, and our hostess, Lucy.

The challenges were as follows.

No.1: Down a shot of Tabasco

No.2: Write Neptune’s name on the deck using tongue and saliva

No.3: Walk blindfolded down the deck, from stern to bow, without touching anything, if they touched the side deck or ropes etc they had to have a spoon of my disgusting ‘galley mix’!!

No.4: Still blindfolded they had to chose three times between two different bowls, one with chocolate and the other with Alan’s horrific mix of mouthwash, orange juice and salty water!

After the four challenges they then had to bow before king Neptune and Queen Amphitrite while they got dowsed in water and then the rest of the ‘galley mix’ thrown all over them! Hilarious!!! In fairness to Dad and Lucy they were great sports and certainly earned their rite of passage.

Check out the pics for more of the gory details!!

One life. Live it

Audrey xxx



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  • Cathy Mc Greevy

    Well done all. Joe, knew you wouldn’t let the side down. Safe passage on your last leg.

    Cathy & Bob( Westport / Limerick)

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