Chef shows the lads how it’s done!

So… I’m on watch and the fishing line starts to run. I called the lads from their bunks but none of them heard me, so there was nothing for it but to slow the boat down quickly and reel in the line. I hooked an absolutely beautiful Mahi Mahi (or Dorado) and I pulled it in as quick as I could. Wow, such fun!! I can’t believe I’ve left it to the lads all this time to catch and land the fish. They arrived on deck to see the most stunning Mahi Mahi yet and a very happy chef indeed.

There’s a competition amongst all the Oysters in the fleet to see who catches the biggest fish on this circumnavigation. Sure, what sort of competition is that? Surly it should be based on the tastiest and prettiest fish caught? And in that case I reckon I must have the winnings?! Also maybe a competition for prettiest fisherman too? I hardly broke a sweat pulling this in! Don’t know what all the fuss is about!! 😉 No points for guessing what was on the LUSH menu tonight! And boy was it as tasty as it looked! Pure delicious!

And now for the Fishing score.. Boat 3 – Fish 3!! Still all to play for with 5 days to go before pulling into Durban. We’re sitting in very little wind at the mo and expect it to stay like this for the next 24hrs until a Southerly of about 30knots hits!

One Life..Live it!

Lots of love,

Your Fisherwoman,

Audrey xxx

prettiest and tastiest fish yet

prettiest and tastiest fish yet

catch of the day or even of the year audreys mahi mahi

catch of the day or even of the year audreys mahi mahi




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