Crossing Life’s Ocean – Some Insights From the Ocean!

(Paul Adamson)

“Okay, drop those lines!”

The time was upon us for Audrey and I to sail double-handed to Vanuatu!

We had 620 miles of deep blue ocean to sail and we both relished the challenge to sail this ocean together alone.

The breeze was in the SE at 20 knots and we hoisted our main and unfurled the headsail…. LUSH answered our call by heeling to 10 degrees. I always love the feeling of raw, awesome power washing over me as LUSH accelerates under sail!

We head into the deep blue and our bow begins to rise and fall with the ocean swell.

“Off to sea once more” I thought. Audrey and I stood up on the bow as LUSH cut through the South Pacific effortlessly at 11 knots!

We both stood there looking out onto the ocean with a feeling of true gratitude!

Grateful to be alive…

To be in this moment…

At this time…

Sailing this yacht…

In this ocean…

To be with each other…

The line from the Christy Moore Song, “The Voyage” popped into my head, “Together we are in this relation…SHIP, we’ve built it with care to last the whole trip!”  This is so true for Audrey and myself!

Then it struck me….

Our lives are just like sailing across an ocean. We have the choice to sail wherever we want, with whomever we want and be whoever we want! What a gift from the universe

“That’s It!” I thought, that’s the answer, “CHOICE!”

We all have the CHOICE where we sail to!

Across our life’s ocean of dreams it’s our choice whether we take charge of our ship and direct her or let the ocean and the weather push us around and end up wherever the wind blows!

As a navigator, I understand we have to know our destination otherwise all the skills of navigation are useless!

In life this starts with, “What do you want?”

I mean;

What do you really want?

out of life,

your relationships,

your businesses,

for your children?

Once we know what we want then we can start sailing towards that destiny by plotting our course.

When you sail an ocean you will encounter all sorts of weather, sometimes its sunny and calm, sometimes it windy, dark and stormy…..but…..that’s just the ocean! We adjust our course, reef our sails, prepare our crew and once the storm passes, we tweak our course and sail our way to our desired destination – simple as that!

I wonder what would happen if you believed that life is like that to?

We all have beautiful hot and sunny days and we all have dark and stormy ones, where we have to batten down the hatches and sit out the storms.

Here’s the key though, it’s not what the weathers like, it’s how we adjust our course & sails to get through it!

Said differently, its not what’s happens to us that makes the difference, its what we do!

So what do you do in the storms of life?

Do you anticipate, prepare, take in some sail and accept it and get on with it?

Or do you let the ocean and weather push you around?

When I realised a few years back this fundamental rule in life I took charge and actively started designing and shaping my destiny and my wish is for you is to do the same and live your dreams!

You see we only get once chance in this voyage of life and its time to be the master of your ship and take charge of your destiny so when you make that final journey of sailing over the horizon into the sunset, you will leave behind you in your wake a fine example of a life fully lived!

So wherever you are,

One Life…..MAKE SURE your living it!

God Bless

Paul Adamson  xxx



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