Day 6 at Sea!

‘To cross the Pacific is first to dream. In fact, the Pacific, more than any other ocean, entices the dreamer with promises of endless tradewind sailing in clear blue skies.’ – The Pacific Crossing Guide

Well, the first bit is certainly true, all of us onboard have dreamt of crossing this vast ocean and it fully is awesome to be finally here sailing across the largest ocean on the planet. It is more than twice the size of the Atlantic and covers practically a third of the earths surface. At 165 million sq km, it’s area is greater than all the earths landmasses combined. The deepest part extends more than 11km from the surface. That’s 3km further than Everest is high!!!!! Full on!!!

We left the Galapagos 5 days ago and are on route to the Marquesas in French Polynesia. We haven’t had the amazing tradewind conditions one would expect here and Lush is sailing on average 3 knots slower than our Atlantic crossing with windspeeds between 5-12 knots. I’ve preparded meals in advance, vac packed and frozen enough for 21days at sea. Skipper was initially expecting us to do it quicker than that so lets keep the fingers crossed. All that said we’re having an awesome time onboard with the regular 4 crew along with Alans wife, Kizzy, my Dad, Joe and a good friend of ours Gordon Cuthburt. The craic is mighty with everyone enjoying our watches, grub, daily deck dances with Wallis and the fishing…….. well actually the whole fishing thing is another matter. Anyone we previously chatted to about the Pacific said ‘you’ve got to turn up armed or the fish will take you down!!’…… so we’re armed… well kinda….. if the fish didn’t keep biting our lures and lines off!!!! And… we’re keeping a scoreboard….. well I am…. the lads aren’t that impressed with it but after the Atlantic crossing I figured we’ve got to know where we are with these fish…… Currently the score stands Fish 7 (and 2 lures!) Boat 1 ☹ The lads have been debating whether their score can be improved by the fact that they did actually catch 2 massive blue marlin (of about 15 foot a piece!!) even for a split second…… sorry guys…. if we dont board it and therefore can’t cook it……. it counts as zero to us and score to the fish! Now in fairness the marlin were massive as they jumped out of the water to spit the lure back out…. full on! As chef though I’m secretly happy they didn’t haul those things in, in fairness… they were the size of my galley!!

Oh well, here’s hoping St Patrick shines on us tomorrow and the lads catch something!!

Hope all brillo back home. Do have a drink for us tomorrow. We’ll certainly join in the festivities onboard the good ship Lush with 5 irish crew onboard, one half irish and one full on wannabe!

Love to all,
Audrey xxx



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