Lush about to transit the world’s most famous canal!

So we are sitting here in Shelter Bay Marina listening to channel 12 and the pilots communicate with the worlds shipping to link them from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans!

At 1700 UTC Lush will pull off the dock and we will head for Anchorage F where a pilot will join us to take us through the Panama Canal!

We have all been reading about the history….the 30,000 men who built it….the 10,000 men that gave their lives and the massive Lake Gatun…..a 560 Sq KM lake that was made by flooding the landscape to make the canal! All done 100 years ago!

And today….LUSH and her mighty team are about to transit it! Wow what an experience! We will be back with pictures later! :0)

Anyhow if you are interested keep and eye on the webcams and you may well see the mighty LUSH!

One Life…Make sure your living it!

Paul :0) x



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