Lush drops anchor in Nuku Hiva!

After 3,400 miles, 14 days 23hours at sea we finally spotted land on the horizon. And now we’re here in French Polynesia. Wow, what an awesome trip we’ve had, pushing and sailing this boat hard to get here in good time, running a watch system, cooking, cleaning and off course… fishing!!…. The final score…. Wait for it……. Fish 9 V Boat 10!!!… only just!! Once the lads reached 10 they pulled the lines in and called it a day…… ya right…. that’s cheating, I reckon!! They didn’t want to take a chance that they could lose out to the fish after taking the lead! Sly or what! I’ll be doing up a full on rulebook for the next leg, that’s for sure.

This Pacific crossing certainly was a great adventure and the amazing thing is there’s still so much more to this ocean. We were welcomed by stunning landscapes and massive knife-edge cliffs on the island of Nuku Hiva, in the Marquesas, one of the five archipelagos of French Polynesia.

When you initially look at a map of the pacific you just see a massive ocean and then looking closer you notice a load of tiny dots. Well, we’re on one of those dots now and will be sailing between those dots for the next 4 months till we reach Australia in August. There are roughly 20,000 islands in the Pacific, most of which are in this southwest region. Needless to say we’ll make a good stab at exploring these islands but 20,000 of them… well you’d need to be here for a whole lifetime to get around to the lot and even at that it wouldn’t be an easy task!

According to the Lonely Planet ‘French Polynesia is still about as dreamy as it gets. The trees are still heavy with fruit, the mountains rise as majestically as ever and the lagoons are just as blue!’ Wow, we’re gonna have some fun sailing around here, discovering awesome anchorages and villages, meeting the islanders, getting to know their culture and geography and finally disappearing west back over the horizon!

One Life!!

Lots of love,

Audrey and the Lush crew! xxx



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