LUSH finally lands a whopper!

Okay so here we are in the Pacific Ocean enjoying the routine of LUSH being at sea when suddenly…….whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………

Now before I explain, Audrey, my darling wife has been keeping score for the fishes….we put it down to her being a Pisces and wanting to look after her fellow fishes! J

So team LUSH has pulled together to use any means to up the score!

The rules are simple, 1 point for LUSH for any fish landed and eaten! So we figured the flying fish that land on the deck were fair cop!

As it stood when Audrey last posted……the score was: Fish 9 – Lush 5 !!!

As I type the score line is even-stevens as we are now at 9 all!!!

So how did we do it I hear you ask……

Fish 6 was a stunning 15Lb Dorado which Wallisimo cooked up for us and guys it tasted just stunning!!! Holy Moly it was good and defo the best tasting fish so far!!!!

Fish 7 & 8 – Are 2 flying fish…now when we say 2, 1 is defo countable…fish 8 is kinda a baby flying fish at the size of a finger nail!!! However the rules are clear….the fish is landed and will be eaten by Kizzy this evening!!

So Fish 9……..

Whirrrrrrrrrr……..the reel is running, the line is being stripped and al is getting stressed that we are going to run out of line!

I slow LUSH down – which is kinda tricky when she’s doing 12 kts surfing with a 25 knots of wind behind her!!!! J

First we furl the jib from the pole, then we ease the preventer and sheet the main in so it’s safe….then we reverse the engine and take LUSH down to 1.5 kts and wait!!!!

We knew this was a big sucker so we implemented, “Code Whopper” which basically means transom door open and clip on and get ready to gaff em!!!

Up he came and as Al used his experienced fisherman’s hand to get him closer to LUSH….what appeared was a stunning Spearfish which is a small Marlin… when I say small he was only 6 FOOT LONG!!!!

I hooked in the gaff and lifted him on-board and we sent him on his way to Fish Heaven!

So that’s 9 all!!!!

Audrey has spent the last 3 hours fileting him and freezing him for the future!!!

However dinner tonight is Spearfish, spuds & Veg!!! I’ll let ya know how it tastes! J

One Life……Living it! J

Paul xx



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