Lush Completes Circumnavigation!

Paul reflects on the circumnavigation!

Today I have achieved a dream that I have had since I was 11 years old!

I can now say I have sailed the world’s oceans and circumnavigated the planet!

But what does this mean? I am not the same guy that left Antigua a year ago onboard LUSH that’s for sure!

I return to Antigua with more energy, more passion, more ambition and I’m committed to achieve excellence always and hold myself to the highest standards in life!

Out in the oceans you reconnect with our world and what is truly important in life and that’s life itself, its treasuring that gift we have all been given of being on the planet right now and making sure we live fully!

It’s not how long we are here, its what we do with our lives that makes the difference! More than this though, the people in our lives are what makes the journey!

I am so grateful to my team onboard LUSH! Our story is of great times, fun times and tough times where the common bond we share is the same bond that seafarers have shared for centuries and will pull us through any storm and weather that chooses to cross our life’s course!

My gorgeous wife and fellow shipmates Audrey, Alan & Lucy are quite simply an inspiration and I know this journey that we have sailed together will be forever in our hearts! I quite simply treasure them and we stand strong together!

To all the guests and crew who have sailed with us on LUSH, it was inspiring to be able to share this journey with you and give you a taste for life on the ocean wave!

Finally to my friends & mentors Eddie and Marie Jordan who are the most inspirational, passionate and superb people to spend time with! Your story has inspired us more than you will ever know! You embody success and living fully and we are looking forward to many more journeys with you both to come!

This journey has formed bonds of friendship that like the ocean will always be!

One Life … Live it!

Paul Adamson xxx

Audrey reflects on this extraordinary Circumnavigation!

Cruising amoung the islands in Clew Bay (in Mayo,west of Ireland) on our family boat, as a child, ignited a lifelong hunger and passion in me for the sea, sailing and all that it emcompasses. For as far back as I can remember I’ve harboured this dream to sail around the world and here I am in my 33rd year, with my husband, about to realise this incredible ambition. When I applied to study dentistry in the UK, I wrote on my UCAS form that aside from my desire to become a dentist I had a seperate goal… to sail around the world some day.

Now, here I am in Antigua having fulfilled this grand vision, working for an incredible couple, Eddie and Marie Jordan, having sailed the worlds oceans with my husband and our fantastic team. I have never felt more alive, engaged, connected and fulfilled as I have on this trip. It has been so much more than I ever imagined possible. While we’ve endeavored to keep you, our loyal blog readers, up to speed on our World Voyage you’ve actually only had a taste, a small glimpse of our experience on this most rich and rewarding journey.

The overwhelming memory I’ll have of this adventure is of the beautiful people we’ve met along the way. We’ve certainly lived ‘out there’, beyond the routine of an average life, we’ve found the extraordinary in the ordinary, the miraculous in everyday situations. We’ve experienced traditions handed down through generations, witnessed island life on the edge of the world, stumbled upon countless, unforgetable, breathtaking sights. We have had the privilege to be amoung some of the worlds most tremendous creatures on sea and land. We have been at one with the universe, sailing under the starriest of nights, watching the sunrise and set on the worlds wonderous oceans, knowing that this was exactly as it was for the earliest of ocean explorers.

This circumnavigation has been an invigorating, life changing adventure that has left me with a profound sense of awe, wonder and appreciation of this magnificent world, along with her cultures, people and wildlife. I thank Eddie and Marie massively for this opportunity to Circumnavigate Planet Earth, sailing west through the tropics, all the way around on this most exquisite yacht LUSH.

One Life…. Live it, Love it, Cherish it, Sail it… and finally Circumnavigate it!!!

Lots of love,

Audrey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Well, we’ve taken a whole heap of pics and videos that we still have left to share with you all. We have the story of how we became professional sailors. How I gave up dentistry and learned to cook so I could run the galley successfully on a trip like this cooking from celebs to royalty! There’s stories of our challenges, in particular mindset challenges and how we consciously control our own thoughts and guide them, pushing and bettering ourselves constantly. Stories of how to run a superyacht, a five star floating penthouse in all the wierd and wonderful locations of the world. We’ve had alot of messages asking me what sorts of things I cook in the galley when in guest mode and crew mode. Also stories of the medical side of the trip and dentistry on the high seas. We’ve had people contact Paul, wondering what it’s really like to skipper a boat like this and run such a project in superquick time. And people asking how the hell did Joe Mc Govern (my Dad) manage to get on LUSH for so many ocean legs when he was only supposed to sail from Southampton to the Canaeries?…..actually I don’t have the answer for the latter but I have an incling it has something to do with a deal made between Dad and Paul the day Paul asked for my hand in marriage!!




  • Congrats Audrey, Paul and all the crew! What an amazing achievement that we’ll all be talking about for many years to come. I’m brimming with happiness for you all. Sounds like there’s lots of behind the scene’s goss to come. Cant wait to hear more 🙂 We feel so privileged to have experienced and shared a snippet of your journey. Enjoy the much deserved celebrations. Wishing you all continued success for the next journey! Lots of love, Rob & Emer xxx

  • Congratulations Audrey and Paul on your amazing achievement, It’s so wonderful when dreams come true. You guys are living your dream and wearing your passion, I am so happy for you both.

    Clodagh xx

  • Pat Hughes

    Paul and Audrey .

    Great to have you back safe and in one piece , your journey was truly amazing , both of you were so lucky to compete and complete sailing around the world ,

    Remember this and be quick clear about it , there is a GOD .


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