LUSH nearly landed a blue marlin!!!!

SO here we are in the Pacific ocean after having the most amazing week in the Galapagos islands snorkelling & diving with sea lions, sharks, sting rays, penguins, countless fish and turtles!

Our Guide Gustavio was just excellent and his passion for the islands and its natural inhabitants rubbed off on us…in fact I think we all appreciate our oceans and our planet even more than ever J

Anyhow……we left yesterday to cross the Pacific to Nuku Hiva in the Marquises Islands which is part of French Polynesia, so LUSH once more is at sea with around 3400 miles about to slip beneath her keel as we start the next leg of our amazing adventure!

The sea is calm and its seriously hot!

This morning after cleaning the deck I popped out the fishing lines and put what we call, “big daddy” on the big rod……

Big Daddy is a ½ foot long squid lure that was given to us by another boat in the rally! We have never caught anything on him yet and have always joked about the day we got a bite!

Well, today….Al and I were chatting when the big reel started to run…….now when I say run….I mean RUN!!!!!

Holy Moly or words very similar to that effect were shouted by myself and Al as the line was stripped off the reel……I slowed the LUSH down whilst Alan tried to control the line!!!

I thought….I need the camera and went below and when appearing on deck I saw an absolutely MASSIVE BLUE MARLIN jump 4 feet out of the water with Big Daddy in his mouth just behind LUSH!!!

I instantly thought, “how are we gonna land this thing!” We reckon he was 8 foot long and trust me he was just massive!

Next thing, we heard a bang as when he leaped his sword cut through the line above the wire trace and he was gone!!!! Total bummer! :0(

Al is gutted and Big Daddy is no longer part of LUSH’s fishing kit….but hey ho….as they say, “there is plenty more fish in the sea!“

That is so true as after this we have seen a pod of 50 dolphins feeding and leaping out of the water and a pod of pilot whales next to LUSH!

So what a day……lets hope the next 15 days are just as eventful! :0)

One Life….make SURE your living it! 🙂 Paul x1st-hour-marlin-jumping-google-image.jpg



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