Surfing at 20.9 kts!

As I sit here on Lush’s chart table all I can hear is the sound of Audrey shouting, “come on!!” as we let rip down another mid Atlantic wave!

The record is 18.2 kts which smashed the previous record of 17.3! Lush is an incredible machine that when you set her up and let her go she will charge down the Atlantic and carve up the ocean as though she is being driven by a thousand pure Irish thoroughbred race horses!!!

As we are an Irish yacht you will find us drinking, “Barry’s Tea” and eating freshly baked, “Odlum’s Bread” filled with Superquinn Sausages!

Alan, Lush’s engineer is mighty on his guitar and he strums away with Christy Moore songs to our hearts content as we feel….well all a bit, “be–jaysus!!”

14.4 I just heard as Audrey, Marty & Dave try to topple the 18.2 set by Myself, Conor & Woody in the early hours of this morning!

There is loads of criac onboard and I am always amazed how sailors when brought together on a yacht to cross an ocean just seem to get along great and we will always have that bond of sailing an ocean together!

Fishing isn’t go so well at the mo…..we have only had one bite but he broke the line and so the stories of us hooking a shark have grown to it being a great white as it’s the only fish in the sea that could keep up with us!!!

We have made 701.15 miles in 3 days! That’s an average speed of 9.7 constantly over 3 days which anyone will tell ya is great going!

“lovely…16….lovely!!” just was screamed from the deck and I am now typing at about 25 degrees heel and can hear the ocean rushing past the hull and its sounds just like a waterfall that’s trying to empty a really full river!!!

Despite us trucking or “sucking diesel” as Joe would say LUSH is stable, safe and never once feels as though she won’t look after us and give us the sail of our lives!!!

Holy Moly we just hit 20.9 kts!!!! So our record has tumbled and Audrey, Marty & Dave are smug as hell!

Will keep you posted with progress and in the meantime from the good yacht LUSH, One Life…make sure your living it! :0)



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