The Daily Lush

Today Tuesday at Noon, and we are 24 hours from cast off at Las Palmas and already we have covered 236 Nm.

The winds have been up to 40 Knots – a bit more appearing on the clock form time to time!

The boat is doing up to 15 knots down the rollers and is well able to maintain a steady 11 to 12 knots – amazing for a 70 tons of sleek boat.

We have a total of nine on board. It is great to have crack crew for putting in the reefs, changing the jib over to goosewinging and so on.

We knew from the dockside in Gran Canaria what a stunner the boat is – there was a succession of folks coming to admire her. Now we know she performs as well as she looks.

It was great to have Anne McGovern on the Las Palmas dockside to wave us all the best as her husband Joe and daughter Audrey set sail.

For Joe, Martin, James, Dave and Conor this the dream of a lifetime come true.

We have the fishing line out, the sun screen on, on a heading of 250 and enjoying every moment

Martin Mc Carthy



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