• We are looking forward to seeing you arrive on our Sunny Remote Island of St Helena. We have no Fast Lane, but you must visit us here at The St Helena Distillery,the most remote Distillery in the World, where our signature Drink “Tungi”, definitely lives in the Fast Lane!

  • Hello to Eddie and Marie ….
    Enjoy Saint Helena Island the Island I grew up on.
    Tune in to the local radio station http://tun.in/se8rt

  • Happy New Year folks! Great to see ye looking so well and enjoying the trip so immensely. You’ve sold South Africa to us, we’ll be looking forward to checking it out in the coming years. Love from Sydney! E xxx

  • Hey Arthur,

    Hope all well with you in North Wales…..Happy New Year and hope to see you soon!!!

    Loads of Love

    Paul & Audrey 🙂 xxxx

  • Hi Pat,

    Happy New Year to you and Olive and all the gang back in Westport!! We are having a blast out here and we are certainly looking forward to a great catch up and sharing our stories on our return! Hope all great with you and see you soon! Take and Loads of Love Paul & Audrey 🙂 xxx

  • Pat Hughes

    HAPPY NEW YEAR , and safe sailing in 2014


  • Arthur Davies

    Hi Paul & Audrey,

    All the best for 2014 to you and the mighty crew of Lush.


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