Video: Tribute Sail to Robben Island for Mandela

On the morning that Nelson Mandela (Madiba) was buried LUSH sailed out to Robben Island off Cape Town and laid a Wreath in the water just off the Prison Cell he spent 19 years of his 27 years in captivity.

Eddie read, “Invictus” a Poem that Mandela used many times to get him through the tough times and gave him the will to survive and walk the, “Long Road to Freedom”

Iain Banner then spoke to us about his time with Mandela whilst hosting the Laureus Sport Awards and the powerful and inspirational speech that Mandela gave.

The following video is a cut of the morning and also the original speech that Mandela gave at the Laureus Sports Awards.

It was an emotional and poignant moment of the trip and reminded us all that no matter what the circumstances, we have the the power to change our lives and the lives of others for the greater good.

May Madiba Rest in Peace



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  • Pat Hughes

    To All on Lush.

    Safe journey on your next leg , we are all set for Christmas Eve here in Westport , all our family are back home ,

    Weather here very wet and windy over the last week , no snow as of yet .

    Your are in our prays ,

    Happy Xmas and safe sailing ,

    Pat and Olive and Family.

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