Whale Watching Lush Style!

(Paul Adamson)

“Joe, look over there…!” “What..What are you looking at???”


“Whooooaaaaaaaaa.. Oh my God!!!!!!” as 2 massive black and white humpback whales breeched clear of the water no more than 20 boat lengths from LUSH!!!

They momentarily hung in the air and our jaws dropped whilst we observed one of the many wonders of our oceans!

Humpback whales grow to 15 meters (50 feet) and weigh up to 40 tons!!!

In the excitement I shouted through the companionway hatch, “Guys.massive whale activity on deck..get up here quick!!”

The rest of team LUSH arrived on deck in a hurry and was privileged to witness another 3 breeches! During this time.. our adjectives were colourful to say the least as we were in complete awe of these magnificent creatures!!

We backed off LUSH to 3.5 knots and just like when somebody welcomes you in they all started flipper slapping the water as if to say, “Hi Guys, come on over we are having a party and there is a beer on ice for you!!”

They swam with LUSH no more than 5 boat lengths off her port quarter and escorted us on our course to Durban for around an hour and a half. They flipper slapped, tail slapped and also emerged with a massive sky hop to take a look at us!!

Now wildlife photography is a challenge! Especially when you want the camera to take a picture NOW!!! So during all of this I was randomly shooting the camera and got some nice shots and we have a video of the sky-hop!

Today is back into the instruction manual of the camera and working out how to let the camera know its time to, “lets rip!!”

It is really hard to articulate what a special moment this was to us all onboard so I’ll let the pictures do the rest!!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whoever you are with.ONE LIFE…make sure YOU’RE LIVING IT!

Take Care

Paul :0) xx




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