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Our Story of Sailing Around the World has inspired lots of people to take action and do what they really want to do!

We feel so blessed to get hundreds of messages each week with so many inspirational stories that we can all learn from!

So we thought to get momentum and inspire more people to live the life of their dreams we would love for you to share your inspirational story here in a paragraph! 

Please just use the comment box below and we look forward to reading your story!

One Life….Inspire others to live it! 🙂

Get on Top of the World!

Get on Top of the World!


  • Hey Paul & Auds, heading cruising around Majorca tomorrow – East from Palma I think – any tips or must stopovers? Cheers. ..j – hope to see you out in SB20 fleet again soon …its growing again which is great…

  • Caragh McGovern

    SAILING WEST, you’re brilliant!  The energy, the enthusiasm, the creativity, the ingenuity, the innovation.  The get up and do it, the come on and lets do it. It’s great to be the people who do things that other people which they had done, wish they had thought of, wish they had the courage to face and to do. 

    Following your eye-opening circumnavigation, I went for the Round Ireland Yacht Race trials, made a Volvo Open 70 team, got Line Honours, and then the skipper asked me to join his crew for 12 months and race the Mediterranean, Transatlantic and Caribbean sailing season! However, it was your motto, ONE LIFE, LIVE IT which has given me the grit to chart my own course, and I’ve learned that there lies within each of us a continent of undiscovered character. Enjoying every ebb and flow of Volvo Open 70 sailing, SAILING WEST’S style is genial, your enthusiasm is uplifting, and that ONE LIFE, LIVE IT is a glorious mantra for a way of life.

    • Paul & Audrey Adamson

      Caragh, thank you so much for your awesome story and taking the time to share it here. You are a true inspiration and a role model to a lot of people out there who are wondering if there’s more to life than just their 9-5 office job.
      You ought to keep a blog too, I’m sure there are plenty of people who want to hear more about your adventures including us. It was great to catch up at the St Barth’s Bucket last week and see you enjoying your new life on the ocean waves. Sailing a Volvo 70′ across the Atlantic must have been unbelievable and now spending the season racing it in the Caribbean is just outstanding.
      Keep living the dream missus!
      One Life and absolutely you’re living it!!!
      Long may it last!
      Paul & Auds xxxxxx

  • After leaving university I worked in public affairs, spending a while trying to convince myself that it would lead to a fulfillling life. The 9-5 was the opposite. I decided one evening that sailing would be a good mechanism to see the world and enrolled on an intensive sailing course in The Solent. After gaining my Yachtmaster in 2012 I volunteered for as many yacht deliveries as possible, then got a job helping a couple run their new Oyster 575. I crossed the Atlantic for the second time in 2013 on the ARC and saw Lush at the Oyster Regatta in Antigua. The way the boat was run was distinctive and quite obviously a big party. Having put off applying for a skippers position on another Oyster due to not thinking I was experienced enough, I applied and got the job of running an almost brand new 575, sailing her from Galicia to Turkey. I have just returned from an incredible five months. In 2011 I thought I might get my first promotion in the office and a slight pay increase, I never dreamed I’d have dropped anchor in so many incredible places. I believe in the possible more than ever!

    • Paul & Audrey Adamson

      Wow William, thank you so much for sharing your incredible story here and also thanks for your lovely personal message after we finished up on LUSH. What you have done is extraordinary! To take up a sailing is one thing but to then go on and skipper the calibre of yacht like an oyster is truly exceptional. Delighted to hear you enjoyed our blog and awesome to think you started out your training on our old school boat ‘One Life’. Keep living the dream and please do stay in touch!
      You’re welcome to link your blog on here.
      Wishing you fair winds & following seas and of course One Life… Keep living it!!
      Paul & Audrey xxx
      PS Sorry for the delay in replying, we were unaware this message was actually here! Blog issues!

  • We are Team Ramble and we are driving from London to Ulan Bator in Mongolia during next July and August. The race is raced for charity and most of it is about surviving the journey with a crappy car.
    We are three young guys from Finland and have known each others for a long time. The journey will be our first big take your chance and do it thing and we are waiting it to be happen. We have written down a diary in facebook about our preparations.

    We have been following your story and have been very impressed about your posts! I love sailing and have sailed for whole my life in finnish archipelago. Sailing is great way to explore the World!

  • I used to be in sales and selling IT companie’s expensive products, running after the targets they set for me quarter after quarter… When I discovered what I really wanted to do, sailing, I started getting more and more involved in it and my passion started driving me. This passion even made me be good at it, in a relatively short period of time. What was training and work became leisure and play. What best could have happened to me?

    Later I decided to go for it. All in. I quit my job and went for a full time training in the Solent in winter. “Best learning ground ever” said some, “nutter” said others, but I kept believing. Following that I got the opportunity to cross the Pacific from one end to the other, to work on prestigious yachts and learn a whole lot more, following the “constant and never ending improvement”-mantra. The experience and trip of a life time, and I am so glad I jumped head first into the unknown and uncertainty. You know, despite the usual “what next” or “what if” question… But opportunities and ideas come by themselves when you are driven by your passion. You embody your dream and success is then just around the corner.

    Now that I am back I went fore something even bigger. My plan is to be on the start line of the 2015 Mini Transat and sail for the “Food Bank” charity. For this endeavor, I am committed to 100%. It is not an easy path, far from that (actually really difficult) but I will succeed. My determination and will to cross single handed the Atlantic ocean on a 6.50 meter racing boat it is beyond all nay-sayers objections.

    This is the race which all great offshore sailors have done and of which they still look back with nostalgia. This is THE race. You only have one life, so you better make sure you are living it!

    Follow the adventure and my charity on

    Fair winds to all of you,


  • Hi Dan, Thanks for sharing!! Have a safe trip!! Enjoy every second! One Life….Live IT! Paul 🙂

  • Waiting to leave for our first long sail from Tacoma Washington to Hawaii we will be spending at least four months maybe longer there ! Then who knows

  • WOW Robert, Thanks for sharing!

    The hardest step is always the first and taking that step into the unknown is what holds most people back and they never take the first step because they let the fear of the unknown paralyise them!

    Remember fear is nothing more than:

    False Expectations Appearing Real!

    As you know, bottom line is we can all achieve whatever it is we want to achieve and live the life of our dreams….but WE HAVE TO GO FOR IT!

    We gotta stand up and decide what we want and then take MASSIVE ACTION to get to it!! Its just not going to arrive on a plate!

    I respect and applaud you for having the guts to go get what you want and I wish all the best for the future….ONE LIFE and YOUR living it!! 🙂

    Paul 🙂

  • Taking a giant leap from a well paid, secure job in finance into a world of the unknown was so daunting at the time, but just over one year later and in my dream job in the not-for-profit sector I could not be happier that I took that scary option! Not only that, but I have almost completed my first book, something I always wanted to do. It took me some time to realise, but I am now living my one life!

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