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Tune Up, Trim up & Take Off!

I can’t believe that today we actually start our trip around the world!

From looking in on LUSH in SYS in Southampton since she was just a hull and seeing her throughout her build and working with Eddie and Marie to get them the perfect yacht for this amazing adventure…this is one of those moments in life where you have to stand up and say, “I was a part of that!”

Loads have happened since we last blogged and we haven’t stopped since we arrived into Antigua last month….we spent Christmas & New Year in St Barts – we sailed LUSH in her first race on New Year’s Eve and got on the podium with a 3rd! Not bad for her first race!

Now we are back in Antigua where Audds and I met 7 years ago and just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary!

And today we all start to fulfil a lifelong dream and start making our way around the planet in the oyster world rally! Check out

Special mention must go to Red Bull who have come on-board as a sponsor and all funds are going to the amazing work of Wings for Life – check out

Wings for life’s mission is too cure spinal injuries and get people back up on their feet again after a spinal injury….I don’t have time now to do their work justice and explain it properly but please check out their website! It’s quite simply awesome!!

We did a photo shoot the other day and so I thought we would treat ya to some of the shots!! Thanks must go to mike the photographer and oyster for getting us the most amazing pics of LUSH!

I gotta dash guys……the start is fast approaching!!!

Just want to end on….

Guys, dreams do come true! If you know what you want…know WHY you want it….you’ll find the way to make it happen! So whatever it is you want to do, achieve or be…just get on and DO IT!

One Life…Make sure your living it! :0) xxx :0) xxx