Setting sail for ‘Part 2’ of the Indian Ocean!

Hi all,

Just wanted to touch base as we haven’t blogged in about two months!!!! Clearly having way too much fun to spend even a moment typing on this computer!! We have just pulled out of the Cocos Keeling islands in the Indian Ocean and are setting our sails to cross the rest of this magnificent ocean.

LUSH flew down here from Bali averaging 12knots!!! These islands are class and we’ve had an absolute blast here. The wind blew all week in our anchorage so Paul and I managed to get some kite surfing in and am pretty shattered from it now and with a massive smile on my face!! 😉

Looks like we’ll have plenty of breeze for this next passage!! We’ve sailed around 1,200 nautical miles to here from Bali and we have over 2,345 left to sail, which will take us about two weeks. Bring it on!!!! LUSH and her crew are ready!!

Our fishing record hasn’t been going too well of late, however Al managed to catch a shark (black tip reef shark) in the Cocos so we’re hoping that’s the end to the 9 week fish drought… We reckon the fish in the Indian Ocean might just be that bit more clever than the Pacific ones. Our two resident “fishermen” (Al and Paul) have been changing all the lures around and coming up with all sorts of new tactics to catch something….. here’s hoping!! One thing’s for sure my freezer is looking very empty these days L

Love to all at home

Audrey xxx

PS Blogs to follow on Oz and our most favorite country yet… Indonesia but first I must return to deck and trim those sails… Mauritus awaits.

One Life…. Loving it!!