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Supersail World on the mighty LUSH!

A big hello from French Polynesia!!!

Last October, before LUSH was handed over to us, Toby Hodges from Yachting World sailed with us to review LUSH and check out what we were all massively excited about with the first Oyster 885!

Performance, Luxury, Quality, Stunning & Sexy are all words I use on a regular basis when talking about LUSH!

So here is the article that is in the current edition of SuperSail News!

Click here to read Supersail World on LUSH


One Life…make sure you’re Living it!!! 🙂

Paul 🙂

Supersail World Article on Oyster 885 LUSH

Black Tips Sharks!

So if you had said to me even 6 months ago… “Hey you’re gonna be sitting in 1 foot of water whilst 35 – 40 black tip sharks swim around you!” I defo wouldn’t have believed you! But hey….One Life ‘n’ all…… I have the video to prove it!!! Enjoy :0)

This was shot yesterday in the, “Blue Lagoon” which is a black tip shark nursery on the west side of the atoll of Rangiroa in French Polynesia!

One Life….Live it! :0)