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  • August 2013, Darwin (Australia)
    Hi guys, unfortunately we have lost all of the wonderful comments
    you all left on this blog 🙁
    I’m really gutted! Basically the blog was hacked and had a load of spam sent through to us. We’ve sorted this out which is great but for some reason while sorting it we seam to have lost all the comments people placed on this site over the last 9 months!!
    Please do keep commenting or drop us a wee line (see tab above)
    Lots of love to all back home!
    Audrey xxx

    Currently preparing to set sail to Indonesia at tomorrow morn at first light!

    • Martin Smith

      P.S. I am thinking of getting a yellowbrick. Has it been useful to you?
      regards Martin

      • Hi Martin, we missed your previous message, not sure it saved?!
        All brill out here. Yellowbrick is great. Hope you got plenty of sailing in over the summer! You’ve got to sail out here someday!!! Tis pure class! Fully living the life! Love to all back in North Wales. Paul & Auds xxx

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