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Sailing Yacht LUSH was the first Oyster 885 super-yacht to be built in 2012. She was built primarily to sail around the world in the Oyster World Rally 2012 – 2014.

Paul was privileged to be the owners private yacht consultant during the entire build process and effectively specced the yacht on behalf of the owner and monitor the quality of build throughout the project. Upon completion of build, Paul became her Captain and lead his team, owners & guests around the world over a 2 year circumnavigation.

The Oyster 885 is the largest Oyster they build in the core range and to date 4 are on the water and 3 more are currently in build.

The Oyster 885 was designed by Humphreys Yacht Design and the Oyster team to the limit of the MCA 24m Load Line Length watershed, the Oyster 885 provides a 4 cabin economic return on space for guests.

The hull is balanced and powerful, with a fairly fine entry that helps the boat cleave through a seaway with excellent VMG, and at the same time the stern is relatively broad to deliver a high level of form stability and an off-wind potential that will rattle away the miles in any Trade Wind passage. [Oyster Yachts]

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