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Palma de Mallorca

Palma is the stunning capital city on the Balearic island of Mallorca. It’s a well-known watering hole for professional sailors with a vast array of marinas along the coast in the shadow of the city’s magnificent La Seu cathedral.

This is the centre of the marine industry in the Med. There is a heap of services available to yachties. You can get anything done from project management, refit, haul out yards, paint services, yacht detailing, crew placement, training etc…


It’s such a picturesque city with the old town at the heart of it where you spend hours ambling through the quaint streets popping in and out of shops and cafes, and even just chilling in a wee tapas bar with your glass of sangria! Ah, bliss! Along with pro crew Palma is awash with retired sailors, it is one of the main sailing residential spots in the Med, a perfect place to settle on terra firma and still keep your eyes on the ocean. One of the residential spots is actually known as ‘the Skipper’s graveyard’!!


Besides catching up with some old sailing friends I was excited to hit the food markets! I just love Spanish food and flavors… chorizo, Jamon Iberico, garlic, smoked paprika, gazpacho, olives, manchego cheese, and the finest of olive oils, seafood and shellfish galore. For me this is culinary heaven!


After the guts of two weeks there, getting on with a load of jobs onboard along with meeting a few potential buyers for LUSH (yes, she is for sale!), we set to sea again returning to the South of France by the end of July.


Apologies for the delay in blogging folks, we’ve just been really busy as per usual. The past month we’ve cruised the south of France to start with for a few days, spent the guts of two weeks cruising Ibiza, briefly returning to Palma for a couple of days and then onto Corsica and Sardinia for the final week and yesterday we left Corsica and returned once more to the South of France. We’re currently anchored off Monaco!   I’ll catch up on these final blogs next week or so.


Love to you all back home,


One Life…. Live it!!


Audrey xxx