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Well, we’ve had a heap of fun speaking at various engagements since we finished up on LUSH.  It’s been just super to relive our circumnavigation and share some of our stories along with the challenges and learning that comes with such an awesome undertaking.  I’m honoured to have been asked to return to my old secondary school on Achievements Day this May and speak to all the students there about the path I have taken since my schooling days and how I fulfilled my lifetime dream!

Paul & Audrey Speaking At An International Leadership Conference

Paul & Audrey Speaking At An International Leadership Conference

Paul is now returning to his business motivational coaching and keynote speaking.  If you’re interested to find out more check Paul out on:http://frontrowspeakers.com/speakers/paul-adamson or you can drop him a line on paul@sailingwest.com  He will of course keep a hand in on the yachting side.  He currently looks after a few private clients for bespoke sailing projects and will be back in the Caribbean on LUSH next week for a week racing in the St Barths Bucket with Eddie Jordan & Co.

If you are part of our mailing list you will already know that Paul has developed some awesome online training to help skippers who want to be at the top of their game and become true leaders on the water, a subject which has rarely, if ever, been taught in this industry and one that makes the biggest difference on a boat once mastered.  I have sailed on numerous yachts over the years in all different types of projects, as skipper and as crew, and Paul’s help and training has made the biggest difference in my sailing, without doubt!  I’m thrilled he has finally put his leadership skills into a system that everyone can use.  Paul’s skills, tips and methods will dramatically change the way you approach skippering.

Eddie Jordan along with previous clients and trainees of Paul’s have been onto Paul for ages about this as they understand that these skills don’t come naturally to the majority of skippers.  Fine, if you can sail a boat, park a boat and navigate your boat but to actually run a yacht smoothly and efficiently along with happy & helpful crew is a whole other ballgame.

Paul Adamson Online Skipper Training

Paul Adamson Online Skipper Training

If you are an eager yachter and strive to be at the top of your game then this is for you.  If you’re fed up of all the stress that you’ve had onboard over the years, trying to deal with problems afloat and making difficult decisions than this is for you!  If you want to stay where you are in the sport and just continue to ‘get by’ or continue to read the same oul articles that really don’t change you as a skipper or a leader then this is not for you.  If you don’t want to learn from the best with the experience to back that up then just keep doing as you have for years and don’t change anything and certainly don’t click here.  If you think that all the problems you’ve had on your boat over the years are due to outside influences (ie poor crew, bad weather, poor quality boat, pure workmanship, poor services, lack of finances) and not due to you and your ability to lead and run your yacht than this is not for you!

The button below is for the 1% of sailors out there who genuinely want to be the best and believe they can achieve this by learning from the best and from the person who has created new systems and cutting edge teaching models over the last few years while working on a massive building and sailing project for Eddie Jordan (the founder and owner of Jordan Grand Prix and currently lead BBC analyst for Formula One).


Click Here For Awesome FREE Online Skipper Training 


Are you fed of up doing the same thing year after year? Yes? Is it time to spice up your sailing? Yes? Do you want to broaden your horizons?  Yes? Do you believe you can still learn? Yes?  Do you want more? Yes!

If Yes then click below!

Click Here For Awesome FREE Online Skipper Training


One Life … Yes I want to live it!!!

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