Great news to report today!

Alan finally caught us all a dorado with a little help from the, “Mayo Girl”!!!

Myself and Al was totally convinced that we were completely “dun over” in Las Palmas by the guy in the fishing shop……we have had a couple of bites and runs but no fish landed on the deck to enjoy that taste of fresh fish!

Eventually Audrey told us that we had better stick to the sailing as for being fishermen we were completely, well, “useless!!”

She also told us that what fish was ever going to catch the squids skimming across the water??? We replied defensively, “Audds we can’t help the fact that Lush sails so quick that we can’t keep the lure in the drink???”

Audds comes straight back at us with sharp wit like only a mayo girl can….”Would you not try weight the line lads??”

“Okay we will see what we can do…..” Alan disappeared into his engine room and arrived back out on deck with 10 M12 nyloc nuts, we reeled in the line and attached the nuts to the line and let out the line…..

Well probably only 2 minutes later the reel ran and Alan hauled in the nice dorado you see in the picture!

Audrey then put her Rick Stein fish filleting skills into practice and filleted our lad…..and fair play to her as Alan and Wallis cooked him up for the lads in butter with just a squeeze of lemon and black pepper….and there was not one bone in any fillet we ate!

Wow it tasted absolutely fantastic! 20 mins…now that’s fresh!

So what did we learn from today….if you want to catch a fish, “Use Alan’s M12 Nyloc Nuts!!!!” :0)

Hope ya enjoying our little updates!! One Life…Live it! Paul & Team Lush! :0) xxx



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