Marty – The Perfect Gentleman!

Special mention today has to go to Lush Crew Member, Martin Mc Carthy! AKA “Marty”

Marty has sailed the whole trip like the true gent he is and has always dressed to impress even in storm force conditions!

In fact I can remember the time he arrived on deck in 35 kts of wind in a crisp blue shirt, chinos, national yacht club belt and dubarry deck shoes!

A wave rolled down Lush’s deck and soaked him through and through….not a bother to him, he just whipped his brow and carried on sailing!

Tonight he topped off his evening attire with full National Yacht Club Tie, Belt, Cap & Gilet!

As you can see he puts all us dirty, smelly & unshaven fellas to shame!

He is a very proud National Yacht Club member and promotes, “The Nash” where possible and will have anyone joined up if they express the slightest bit of interest!

So Marty it’s a total pleasure to sail with you and get to know you, your one in 3 trillion! :0)

Ladies and Gentleman I give you Mr Martin Mc Carthy! :0)

One Life….make sure you living it…by dressing for the occasion! :0) x



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