Pirates take over LUSH!


At 1800 yesterday LUSH was boarded by a crew pirates who drank a glass of Moet and ate a load of food!

The swashbuckling blighters arrived on deck to wish LUSH a safe onward passage as she sailed across the halfway mark of her first Ocean!

The sounds of, “arrraahhhhhhh, pieces of eight & nice bounty!” in pirate talk was awash over the deck whilst some heavy pirate rock was played to set the scene!

Jim (Woody) won the best dreadlocked hair do award whilst the skipper (Paulo) won the quickest shave to a dirk diggler mo award!

Conor chopped off his leg used the gaff that has had no fish award!!!

Audrey & Wallis turned themselves into pirate wenches and rustled up a storm of treats from fresh banana bread to fresh humous and dips!

Dave, Marty & Joe showed us how ingenious you can be at sea to flick from being the perfect gentlemen to the perfect pirate in the matter of 20 mins!

Special mention has to go to Lush’s chief engineer, “Alabama” who was the best dressed of the lot of us – using tape to make missing teeth and audrey’s eyeliner to tattoo himself Alabama won the best dressed pirate award and won himself an extra helping to the Lasagne which was served up to round off the evening!

The pirates then waved us goodbye and a save onward passage as the sun fell to the horizon and watches resumed as normal onboard.

Halfway parties are always a laugh and this one will be forever etched into our minds!!! Ohhh arrhhhhhh!!!

So we are over half way and making great speed towards Antigua!

The wind has dropped to around 15 kts true and LUSH is sailing at 10.5 kts parting the blue ocean bound for the start of her world tour from Antigua!

Sunrise this morning was simply stunning! :0) Enjoy the snaps!

One Life….Live it – Paulo & Team Lush xxx



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